Implementing Fair Practices On Our Farms


Working together, the Agricultural Justice Project (AJP) and NOFA—one of AJP’s four founding members—are launching a project to support the organic farming community in addressing our shared social justice values while striving for dignified living careers for farmers, our families, & the workers on our farms.

Support our mutual efforts toward achieving a fair and equitable food system by completing this brief checklist of your own current practices.

An introduction with details on our Project is included with our Farmer Benchmark Checklist—we expect the Checklist should take only 15 minutes to complete. We based it on AJP’s high bar Food Justice Certification Standards. As you can read in our introduction, technical assistance in support of the various topics is available. Both AJP & NOFA are committed to providing the technical assistance farmers request either through the AJP tool-kit resources and / or through workshops & presentations on specific issues requested by farmers who want to improve labor policies and practices and who want fair, equitable, transparent agreements & pricing. Specific areas covered include achieving a living wage for farmers and farm workers alike, health and safety, conflict resolution, apprentices, and developing a premium in the marketplace.

This support will be gratis, with no obligation to engage in AJP’s Food Justice Certification.

Thanks for participating—Louis Battalen & Elizabeth Henderson, NOFA Domestic Fair Trade Committee & the AJP

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